Signals in transition: CTC introduced in 1978 tacomajct.jpg View North (Time Table East), Joint Line is straight head, Union Pacific enters from right

Map of Tacoma Junction - J.P. Crosby, 1977 tacomajunctionmapmodifiedx.jpg The Stuff o Extra Roadmen

Map Legend (inaccuracies preserved)

 1.  Sumner, Kent, Black River, Maple Valley, Cedar Falls
 2.  MILW TRAINS (Westbound) 201 - 203 - 205 all from Chicago - 905 from Bellingham, Everett
 MILW TRAINS (Eastbound) 200 - 202 - 204 - Othello, Chicago - 904 Bellingham, Everett - Valley Owl - 950, 82
 3.  MILW TRAINS ("Westbound") 901 Portland - Mineral Turn (on T&E to Morton) - Rock Trains -
 "Eastbound" 900 from Portland - Min. Turn - Rock Trains (Frederickson is Jct for "T&E R.R." to Morton)
 4.  Hillsdale - Portland - Chehalis - Raymond - Hoquiam - Maytown - Frederickson - Morton
 5. Left:  MILW ROAD - Old Power Sta.
 Right:  Spring Switch with indicator - outbound - inbound (to yd)
 6. Below left:  Trains to Portland, Mineral, back out of yd. caboose 1st.
 Below right:  FEDERAL MEAT
 7. Left:  Puyallup River
 Right: "D" St. - Freight House
 Below:  TIDAL FLATS YARD (Tacoma Yard)

Extra roadmen, especially young in seniority extra roadmen, usually work the head end. Part of the head brakeman's craft is knowing what goes where. So in that regard, in my first week out on the road I drew up the map above. Tacoma Jct. was the center of Milwaukee Road Tacoma universe. It was the end of the transcontinental line; 2,192 miles from Chicago (the Milwaukee Road and the Santa Fe were the only true trans-cons, their own continuous rails, Chicago to the Pacific). It was the start of the T&E and South Lines. It was the start of the Tacoma Yard double track mains. And it was the junction of the Union Pacific from Portland.

engine16.jpg From the movie DVD "Milwaukee Road Coast Division 1976 - 1978"

Special Instruction X83 3rdsubspecialttof1dec74.jpg Rocky Mountain Division & Coast Division Time Table #2; December, 1 1974





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